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It is my honor to serve as President of the New Jersey College & University Public Safety Association. I wish to thank all of the past presidents and their executive boards for their dedication in making NJCUPSA a great organization.

NJCUPSA serves as a voice for the public safety professionals tasked to provide a safe environment for higher education institutions in New Jersey. The association has a proud past, beginning with the tradition of being a leader in the field of safety and security services for campus communities. There have been many changes over the years in technology, training, and federal and state compliance requirements which most often are unfunded mandates. NJCUPSA has always met the daily challenges that public safety organizations face.  We are closely affiliated with the International Association of College Law Enforcement Administration and through our commitment to work together, maintain our collaborative partnerships with local, county, state and federal law enforcement agencies and provide annual trainings we will continue to enhance safety and security services for our constituents throughout New Jersey.

I encourage all members, especially those new to the field of higher education, to attend the monthly meetings and annual NJCUPSA/ IACLEA regional conference during the academic year. The information received from fellow colleagues in emerging trends, current legislation, training opportunities and professional development is the foundation for our culture of excellence.

My goal as president is to maintain and enhance the success of our association established by the past public safety professionals who have served as executive board members. I will be open to, and encourage all members to provide, ideas that will help develop the best practices and standards to keep our campus communities safe. I look forward to working with the executive board and all members of NJCUPSA in the future. I believe as a team we can overcome the obstacles that we face in providing a safe educational environment for our colleges and universities. Stay safe.

Michael Kantner        

we serve so others may learn