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Dear CUPSA Members,

It is an honor to serve as NJ CUPSA (College and University Public Safety Association) President for 2018-19.  I have been a member of CUPSA since 2009 and the members of the organization are still my public safety mentors.  There is a special respect I have for those who serve in our field and additional admiration for those who give beyond that, which is expected.

We are all the caretakers and guardians of our communities.  I recognize the importance of this organization and the responsibilities that go along with this position, and thank the membership for putting their trust in me. I will work hard to continue the fine legacy passed down by leaders in this organization. I am also very fortunate to have an excellent Executive Board in Vinny, Mike, and Paul this year to help move us forward. 

NJ CUPSA is the most beneficial professional organization I have encountered.  Members take pride in their contributions to Public Safety.  This organization is vital to the success of Campus Law Enforcement and Public Safety and gives us a strong and united voice.  Our growing partnership with IACLEA has broadened our reach and given us a valuable resource.  As President, I will continue to solidify and grow this relationship for the good of both organizations. 

To attain the goal of increasing our membership and working towards 100% of New Jersey State College and Universities participating, we encourage all members to recruit form their sister institutions to solidify our foundational membership. . 

I encourage all members, especially those new to the field of higher education, to attend our monthly meetings and the annual NJCUPSA/ IACLEA regional conference held in April. The information received from colleagues on emerging trends, legislative changes affecting higher education, training opportunities, and professional development is the foundation for our culture of excellence.

Again I would like to thank you all for the honor and privilege to serve as your President..

As you are aware, our meetings are scheduled the third Wednesday of each month commencing September 19, 2018 at the College of New Jersey.

Hope to see you there!


we serve so others may learn